I’ve heard of dental veneers, but what are clip on veneers?

When most people think of veneers, they immediately picture the porcelain shells that are permanently bonded to the front of the teeth, which are used to correct imperfections such as spaces, crowding, or minor misalignments. However, a lot of adults in the UK might not be familiar with a less invasive technique called clip on veneers, these porcelain shields are fitted over the natural teeth, after minimal preparation, and are completely reversible way of building a flawless, well-proportioned smile. A clip on veneer does exactly that, it clips firmly over the patients teeth and gives the appearance of a perfect smile, without the need for extensive re-shaping, anaesthetic injections, or lengthy dental appointments. Sometimes these temporary devices are used for giving an indication of what permanent veneers would look like, but they can also be useful for someone who just wants their teeth to look good when they are in public, if they aren’t enthusiastic about invasive treatment.

What are clip on veneers made of?

Typically, clip on veneers are made from treated porcelain, which is lightweight, durable, and resistant to staining. Materials may vary from clinic to clinic, and some companies use different techniques to manufacture their veneers, but most of the time the end result is similar. There are some dental surgeries that provide temporary veneers made from composite bonding material or acrylic resin, but these tend to be used to protect the reshaped teeth until permanent veneers can be fitted, as porcelain shields are much more hard-wearing, not to mention natural-looking.

How can I get a clip on veneer?

Your first step is to find a suitable provider, this shouldn’t take too long, but you should always do a little research before deciding on a certain clinic, particularly if you have no experience with restorative treatments. If you know someone who has had veneers fitted, or who is acquainted with a dentist, you could ask them for their opinion on service and results, testimonials are always worth listening to. Furthermore, opting for the cheapest clinic available is not likely to give you the best outcome, go for the highest quality surgery you can afford, even if that means saving up a little bit before going ahead with treatment – you get what you pay for in the dental industry. For reasonable prices and outstanding customer service, speak to a member of the team at the Pearl Dental Clinic, they will clearly outline your payment options and breakdown the treatment for you.

When you have selected a clinic, your dentist will invite you in for an initial consultation, which is basically an overall assessment of your condition, to see if a clip on veneer is suitable. Unfortunately, temporary appliances are sometimes not appropriate for a patient, usually if they have severely crooked teeth or they have some other kind of dental abnormality, if a dentist was to fit a veneer over the top of extremely misaligned teeth, it would appear far too bulky and unnatural. This type of problem can sometimes be treated with re-shaping, to reduce the surface area that the veneer has to cover, but dentists usually prefer to keep as much of the natural teeth intact as possible.

If you are approved for a clip on veneer, your dental surgeon will go on to explain every aspect of the treatment, from costs to the actual fitting procedure. Don’t worry about pain or recovery, this kind of temporary device comes with very few side effects, and there’s no need for anaesthetic in the majority of cases. Because the shield just fits over your own teeth, there are no needles, scalpels, bonding materials, or stitches required. Permanent veneers often require quite a lot of remodelling and are not reversible; clip on veneers are a great way to see if you would like further treatment, or if you just want a more attractive smile that isn’t permanently bonded to your teeth.

To begin with, your dentist will need to take photographs, x-rays, and impressions of your mouth, so that the veneer can be built to your exact specifications, ensuring a comfortable fit and natural appearance. There is a certain amount of artistry required from the dental technicians, they need to have an eye for proportions and be able to provide exactly what the patient and dentist expect of them. Although computers help a lot with this part of the process, humans are still involved to some degree, to make sure the outcome is ideally suited to the patient. You will be able to put forward your opinions on size and colour, before the moulds are sent away to the laboratory, but it’s a good idea to listen carefully to your dentist’s advice in this area, they have more experience and they know what will suit you best.

The measuring takes place during the first appointment, and then you will be asked to return at a later date to have your veneer fitted. Unlike with other dental restorations, you won’t need to take the day off work or have someone drive you home because you are still somewhat anesthetised, all the dentist has to do is place the veneer over your teeth and clip it into place. The device has all your teeth in one row – so there’s no need for individual shells – and doesn’t have to be glued to the enamel with dental adhesive, it is designed to hug the teeth firmly enough to hold it in place.

Is a clip on veneer uncomfortable?

It might take some getting used to initially, but as you become accustomed to it, your veneer should be very comfortable and easy to function with. Your dentist may arrange a follow-up consultation a few days after your first fitting, to make any adjustments if necessary. You should point out any areas that are pinching or irritating your gums, and your surgeon can smooth them over or reshape them slightly, so that they fit more comfortably. Clip on veneers shouldn’t inhibit biting or chewing, and they shouldn’t prevent you from properly forming words.

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